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These operations are in great demand as the body contour can be distorted in many ways, either from birth, or due to pregnancy or weight gain. The body envelope, which gives it its shape, is formed of skin and fat. If there is no excess skin, Dr Pascal will simply modify the volume of fat using liposuction. The scars associated with this technique are very small. If there is excess skin, Dr Pascal will remove it at the same time as the fat. These operations are called “lifts” because they pull the skin back up. The scars are larger but Dr Pascal will do everything possible to make them discreet both with respect to their position and their quality.

Body lifts

The term body lift designates a group of operations in which skin is removed from the body, in several adjacent areas, at the same time.

Dr Pascal is a trailblazer in the development of these operations. He is currently the world’s leading exponent in this area and in 2006 and 2017 he received awards from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, for the major advances made by his work in this field. The operations leave a circular belt-like scar. The result is always very spectacular. Body lifts are essential as they enable operations to be combined to maximise results.

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Infragluteal lifts

The roll under the buttock can be very embarrassing as it is often visible in tight-fitting trousers.

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I have worked hard to improve this plastic surgery operation; I also wrote a doctoral thesis on this subject.

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This is one of the most common plastic surgery operations as the stomach is the body area that is impacted first by obesity (men and women) and pregnancies. The word abdominoplasty actually covers several operations (there are 10 different techniques that can be used) which allow repair of muscles, fat and excess skin. The final aim is to produce a taut, flat stomach and to study each case individually.

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The pubis is an area that is often forgotten by plastic surgery. Often, patients do not dare to talk about it to their surgeon.
However, the pubis can be significantly deformed by weight loss, obesity or ageing.

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This term defines all aesthetic procedures on the breasts. Dr Pascal can augment, reduce, or lift (or two procedures at the same time) your breasts with or without leaving a scar. In fact, if the breasts do not sag too much, a simple volume augmentation can lift them by enlarging them. We choose the ideal volume together, to reflect your body shape and your wishes.

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The term gynaecomastia is used to refer to men presenting with breast tissue. Gynaecomastia is problematic as it gives the male thorax a feminine appearance.

It should have a slightly rounded appearance, due to the pectoralis major muscles, but without real volume.

The other plastic surgery problem is the size of the areola which is often enlarged by gynaecomastia. The ideal areola should be 25 mm in diameter. If it is larger, this further increases the feminine appearance of the thorax.


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This operation can also be called an arm lift. It consists in removing skin and fat. If there is no excess skin, the operation is a simple liposuction. This plastic surgery is often requested as the skin of the arms is very fragile and is easily damaged. Brachioplasty covers different types of procedures. As always, Dr Pascal will discuss the most appropriate solution for your case with you so as to obtain the best result.

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This is the most frequently performed plastic surgery operation in the world. It is also one of the technical revolutions in modern surgery, created in France and performed around the world. Modern liposuction is more effective and produces better results. The major attribute of this procedure is that it is the only method for removing fat cells. The sculpted areas will no longer change over time even if weight is regained.

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Body lipomodelling

This is another technical revolution in modern surgery. Previously, surgeons threw away the fat. Now, they automatically ask themselves where they can regraft it to improve the body contour (face, breasts, buttocks, various defects, etc.).
Lipomodelling has become a reliable and very useful technique. There are, however, clear limits and some constraints to be observed.

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