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This term defines all aesthetic procedures on the breasts. Dr Pascal can augment, reduce, or lift (or two procedures at the same time) your breasts with or without leaving a scar. In fact, if the breasts do not sag too much, a simple volume augmentation can lift them by enlarging them. We choose the ideal volume together, to reflect your body shape and your wishes.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery operations. This breast surgery procedure is very important for women as the breasts are the most important element of their femininity.

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Breast reduction

Having overly large breasts is particularly troublesome in everyday life, but can also cause significant back pain. This breast surgery procedure is therefore plastic surgery, but it also has health benefits.

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The breast lift is one of the plastic surgery operations that is most in demand, quite simply because women do not like to have sagging breasts. The ideal shape for a breast is round, but breasts become flat when they sag!
The skin of the breasts is fragile and can be damaged by pregnancies as well by variations in weight and age.

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