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Having overly large breasts is particularly troublesome in everyday life, but can also cause significant back pain. This breast surgery procedure is therefore plastic surgery, but it also has health benefits.


The definition of an overly large breast varies greatly between individuals but complaints of back pain with a desire for a breast operation can start from a D cup size.


To understand this breast surgery, you need only imagine that I remove 2 or 3 segments of an orange and close it up again. In principle, I often leave a C cup size, but you decide on the remaining volume. Breast reduction is performed on request.

In conclusion:

Breast reduction is a minor surgical procedure and patients leave the clinic the following day.

The results

Case No. 1:

Patient requesting a significant reduction. Breast surgery transitioning from an E cup to a B cup. After 3 months the scars are still red but will whiten rapidly.


Case No. 2:

Patient wishing to retain volume. Breast surgery transitioning from an F cup to a D cup. The scars have whitened and are very discreet.


Case No. 3:

Typical case of hypertrophy in a young woman. Breast surgery transitioning from an E cup to a C cup. The scars of this plastic surgery procedure are very neat.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

Often the scar is minimal in this breast surgery procedure as I do all I can to produce a neat scar. To do this, I follow many plastic surgery rules that aim to produce the best possible scar.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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