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Dr Pascal and his team and endeavour to ensure that, as far as possible, the information distributed on the Site is accurate and up-to-date. They reserve the right to correct its content, at any time without notice.

However, Dr Pascal warns that the information made available on the Site is general in nature and does not claim to be exhaustive because of developments in the techniques and the special features of each case. Consequently, the information that appears there cannot under any circumstances be substituted for consultations with Dr Pascal and his team, or for prescriptions and recommendations issued by them.

The information provided is based on Dr Pascal’s practice and experience. As far as possible, the scientific studies that he has conducted on a subject have been indicated as references in the text in question, as well as other articles whose complementarity was considered to be of interest.  These bibliographies are by no means exhaustive and may be changed or corrected, at any moment and without notice.

The information provided corresponds to the practice and to the operative techniques used by Dr Pascal, they may prove to be inappropriate for patients operated on by other surgeons using other techniques. In general, patients must follow their practitioner’s recommendations.

No personal data relating to visitors is collected via the Site. Instead it has an email service, which allows information or appointments to be requested. This service is absolutely not intended to handle emergencies and questions relating to postoperative effects experienced by patients.

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