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Facial procedures come to the fore in social life. It is therefore essential to choose your surgeon carefully. In addition to being qualified in plastic surgery, Dr Pascal is also qualified in maxillofacial surgery. He was a Speciality Registrar in a renowned Facial Surgery Department: Prof. Peri’s department. Dr Pascal’s experience and scientific research, in particular through post-bariatric surgery, has enabled him to develop extremely natural lift techniques: a successful lift is a lift which rejuvenates but which is not obvious. Dr Pascal’s modern techniques allow for a particularly quick recovery.

Cervico-facial lift (lower face)

All patients who come to see me want a natural result. With years of experience, I have selected the technical solutions that work. I have decided not to perform certain techniques, those which change the appearance of the eyes, excessive, poorly positioned fat transfer, producing contours which do not exist in nature.
I trained principally in Paris, Rio and New York with surgeons who operated on many celebrities and since then I have never stopped developing.

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Lipostructure (Facial lipofilling)

Fat cells can be grafted and last throughout life. Fat, which can be an enemy, is your best friend when it comes to restoring shape and increasing volume where it is lacking: it is your auto-prosthesis.

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Blepharoplasty (Eyelids)

As with the rest of the face, the skin of the eyelids stretches with time. Hence the change in the eyes. This surgery is very minor and is performed under local anaesthesia. This operation will bring back your youthful eyes and also makes applying make-up much easier.

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Rhinoplasty (Nose)

The main principle of this surgery is the aim for naturalness and personalisation:
- The aim for naturalness. That is to say it should not be apparent that the nose has undergone surgery. This is relatively easy to avoid. In fact, what produces a “nose job” look is a nose that is too small in relation to the face: tip too fine and pointed, retracted nostrils, with a bridge of the nose that is curved, called a “ski slope nose”.
- Personalisation. Each nose is different, and each person is different. While I have my idea of what makes an ideal nose, I adapt myself to the request. If you want a natural nose, you shall have it. But if you want a very small nose, that is also possible.

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Otoplasty (Protruding ears)

The demand for this plastic surgery operation is relatively high as this defect causes severe complexes. The cartilage of the ear has excellent “memory” and always returns to its initial shape if it is deformed. The aim of this operation is therefore to abolish this mechanism in precise places.

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