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Fat cells can be grafted and last throughout life. Fat, which can be an enemy, is your best friend when it comes to restoring shape and increasing volume where it is lacking: it is your auto-prosthesis.


Roundness is associated with youth, and hollows with old age. Our face therefore ages in the same way as fruit shrivels, losing its roundness and further accentuating the excess skin. A person who is a little chubby will always have a better appearance than a thin person.

Adding fat has many advantages:
– minor operation;
– no scars;
– natural appearance as fat is a flexible tissue; and
– improvement of the appearance of the skin by tightening it but also by nourishing it as these new cells generate new blood vessels below them.

This restructuring is painstaking work which follows a precise analysis of volume changes using photos taken when the patient was young. I reassure you: this is not about creating a new person but rather restoring the volume that was present when you were young. I am also well aware that transferring too much fat must be avoided. I avoid everything which can produce an artificial appearance!


This procedure is carried out under general or local anaesthetic depending on the areas to be operated on. Fat transfer can be carried out at the same time as a lift. It can be taken from the stomach, the knees, the thighs or elsewhere. Postoperative bruising is often quite marked and patients should plan on being unavailable for 1 to 2 weeks.

In conclusion:

This is a major development in reconstructive and plastic surgery, as lipofilling or lipomodelling now lets us add a new dimension to what we can do: the restoration of the facial volume and fullness of youth.

The results:

Case No. 1:

Plastic surgery in a man who lost his cheeks and cheekbones after weight loss. Simple lipofilling produced this rejuvenating and “healthy” effect. The result is for life as the cells are grafted.


Case No. 2:

Incredibly spectacular effect. This patient’s youthful look was restored.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

For me, grafting fat cells has become a reliable, everyday procedure. Why? Because one of the main components of facial ageing is the loss of volume with the appearance of hollows especially on the cheekbones and cheeks.
Once again, the watchword of this surgery is “natural”!


Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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