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It is not always easy to make an appointment for the first time with an aesthetic surgeon. This is why Dr Jean-François Pascal’s team does everything it can to make you feel confident the minute you set foot in the medical practice.
To best organise your aesthetic surgery project, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1

The first consultation appointment

To meet Dr Pascal for your first visit, you can contact us:
either by telephone on +33 (0);
or by email at the following address: [email protected].

The consultation will take place:
either at the private office, 13 Quai Général Sarrail 69006 Lyon – France;
or at the Aesthetic Clinics Centre, rue du Rhône 50, 1024 Geneva – Switzerland.

The consultation days are Thursday and Fridays and there is a wait of around 2 to 3 months to obtain your first appointment.

During this first visit which lasts around 1 hour, you will be able to discuss the parts of your body that you want to improve, ask all your questions and share any worries you may have! Dr Pascal will be happy to answer your questions, to explain, to reassure you and will provide you with highly detailed information about your plastic surgery.

Finally, he will create a detailed, personalised quote, as each individual is unique, and each case is different.

Step 2

Reserving a date for the aesthetic surgery or reconstructive surgery procedure

Once the first visit has taken place, you have made up your mind and want to “take the plunge”! You should then contact us to reserve your date for the operation. Dr Pascal operates at the Clinique du Parc (69006 Lyon) and performs his operations on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Once the date has been reserved, we will send you a “clinical dossier” by post which will contain:

Documents to complete for the clinic reception and for the anaesthetists

Prescriptions (to have preoperative examinations such as a blood test, mammography, cardiac assessment carried out, etc.)

Step 3

The preoperative appointment with the anaesthetist at the Clinique du Parc

It is medically and legally mandatory to meet the anaesthetist for an appointment before your procedure.

This visit must take place in the month preceding the procedure and no later than 48 hours before the procedure.

On this day, you must bring the results of your health assessment and completed questionnaires.

You will then be able to ask all your questions about anaesthesia for plastic surgery.

Step 4

The preoperative information meeting

This is a very important step; it often takes place in the office after the meeting with the anaesthetist.

This meeting takes place with one of Dr Pascal’s secretaries, and it is when the official documents relating to the procedure such the “mutual informed consent” form and the “quote” are signed. Compression garments (if required) are also ordered and the patient is informed about postoperative follow-up. They will be given their postoperative prescriptions.

If the need arises, they will also be able to have another consultation with Dr Pascal to ask their final questions and to be reassured before the big day!


Would you like to contact Dr Pascal?

To make an appointment in anticipation of surgery
or to simply ask questions.