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The main principle of this surgery is the aim for naturalness and personalisation:
- The aim for naturalness. That is to say it should not be apparent that the nose has undergone surgery. This is relatively easy to avoid. In fact, what produces a “nose job” look is a nose that is too small in relation to the face: tip too fine and pointed, retracted nostrils, with a bridge of the nose that is curved, called a “ski slope nose”.
- Personalisation. Each nose is different, and each person is different. While I have my idea of what makes an ideal nose, I adapt myself to the request. If you want a natural nose, you shall have it. But if you want a very small nose, that is also possible.


In order to make a decision, the rhinoplasty must be preceded by a computer-based study which gives a very precise idea of the possible result. This guides both me and the patient. Several plans can be produced. I can never make promises about the exact final result, but it shows the direction in which we should go.


There are no visible scars because everything takes place inside the nose. This plastic surgery causes bruising around the eyes for 1 to 2 weeks.

In conclusion:

The nose is a major facial feature; this is why this surgery is so important for patients. I will support you in choosing your future nose so that it is as harmonious as possible and is in keeping with your face.

The results:

Case No. 1

Patient with a nose that was a little too “strong” in all dimensions. Nose reduction rhinoplasty with removal of the bump and refinement of the tip.


Case No. 2

Several solutions were possible: straight nose, curved nose, smaller tip. The patient chose a straight nose, realizing that the smaller the nose, the less natural it looks.


Case No. 3

Very spectacular nose reduction rhinoplasty with removal of the bump.


Case No. 4

Aesthetic male rhinoplasty to refine and treat a crooked nose. Thick skin is more difficult to refine.


Case No. 5

Aesthetic rhinoplasty to remove the bump.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

I was trained by 2 of the greatest rhinoplasty surgeons:
- Dr Peri from Clermont-Ferrand, known everywhere for his research into cleft lip, who therefore taught me a lot about reconstructive rhinoplasty
- Dr Aïach from Paris for aesthetic rhinoplasty. He was one of the greatest masters in the world.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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