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All patients who come to see me want a natural result. With years of experience, I have selected the technical solutions that work. I have decided not to perform certain techniques, those which change the appearance of the eyes, excessive, poorly positioned fat transfer, producing contours which do not exist in nature.
I trained principally in Paris, Rio and New York with surgeons who operated on many celebrities and since then I have never stopped developing.


Cervico-facial lifts can be performed as soon as signs of ageing appear, generally from 40 or 45 years onwards.


The cervico-facial lift is the most frequently performed lift. It tightens the skin of the lower face: cheeks, facial contour (jowls) and neck. It is often combined with fat transfer and with eyelid surgery.
It can also be combined with other lifts (frontal, temporal and malar)

In conclusion:

It is relatively minor plastic surgery and painless. The result is always very effective. Around two weeks off work is required and those around you will not realise what has actually taken place.

The results:

Here is an example of the result of a cheekbone, cheek, facial contour and neck lift. This woman looks 10 years younger because the skin is tightened. Note that the neck is smoothed out right the way down, towards the collarbone. The appearance is natural. The scars are invisible. This lift will be effective for a very long time as the procedure tightens the skin and the ageing process will then be slowed.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

Believe me, I will do everything I can to make you happy. Naturalness above all! A successful procedure signifies that that you look younger or simply in shape without those around you being able to notice that you have had an operation.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

Arranging your appointment

It is not always easy to make an appointment for the first time with an aesthetic surgeon. This is why Dr Jean-François Pascal’s team does everything it can to make you feel confident the minute you set foot in the medical practice.
To best organise your aesthetic surgery project, simply follow the steps outlined below.

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