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I have worked hard to improve this plastic surgery operation; I also wrote a doctoral thesis on this subject.


The inner thigh is a very important area for women. Thigh lifts are often requested as the skin is very fine and deteriorates rapidly. The inner thigh is also the site of a fat mass that can make walking very difficult.


There are three types of operation:
- If it is at an early stage, a thigh lift with a small scar in the crease may be sufficient.
- If the problem is more significant, but located at the top of the thigh, a thigh lift with a short vertical scar (10/12 cm) will be chosen. Often it is almost invisible. Good results are always obtained as this thigh lift allows a span of excess skin to be removed.
- If the skin is severely damaged (major weight loss, for example) a thigh lift with a long vertical scar (from the top to the bottom of the thigh) must be performed; the result is always spectacular.
These three operations can be envisaged in the context of plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery after gastric sleeve or bypass operations. They can include a liposuction phase allowing the thigh to be completely remodelled.

In conclusion:

Thigh lifts are a job for specialists since a lack of experience may cause the vulva to be adversely affected.

The results:

Case No. 1

Thigh lift with a simple scar in the crease producing the famous THIGH GAP = space between the thighs, even with the knees together.


Case No. 2

Thigh lift with a short 10 cm vertical scar.


Case No. 3

Thigh lift, short vertical scar in the context of reconstructive surgery after gastric sleeve surgery.


Case No. 4

Thigh lift with a long vertical scar reaching down to the knees. 1.5 kg was removed surgically from each thigh.


Case No. 5

Thigh lift with a long vertical scar reaching down to the knees. 5 kg was removed surgically from each thigh.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

The thigh has 4 sides. The operation referred to as a thigh lift improves both the front and the inside of the thigh. The lateral surface is treated by another plastic surgery operation called the lateral body lift. The posterior area is treated by an infragluteal lift (scar underneath the buttock).

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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