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This operation can also be called an arm lift. It consists in removing skin and fat. If there is no excess skin, the operation is a simple liposuction. This plastic surgery is often requested as the skin of the arms is very fragile and is easily damaged. Brachioplasty covers different types of procedures. As always, Dr Pascal will discuss the most appropriate solution for your case with you so as to obtain the best result.

Cosmetic brachioplasty

In cosmetic cases, it is a very simple operation with a scar located in the armpit or a short scar on the inside of the arm. What is more, as the skin is very fine, the scar will quickly become very discreet, enabling you to wear all types of sleeveless clothing.

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Reconstructive brachioplasty

This is in the context of reconstructive surgery after gastric sleeve or bypass surgery. This plastic surgery can also be performed in the simple context of chronic excess weight.

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