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This is in the context of reconstructive surgery after gastric sleeve or bypass surgery. This plastic surgery can also be performed in the simple context of chronic excess weight.


Despite the weight loss, the arms are still voluminous and cause physical discomfort and difficulties in finding appropriate clothing.


The procedure always begins with rigorous liposuction which removes fat for life with no possibility of regaining volume. Liposuction alone can resolve the volume problem without a scar if the skin is well toned and can tighten by itself.
If there is too much skin, it must be removed, leaving a scar as in cosmetic brachioplasty.

Depending on the case, the scar may stop in the armpit, or continue, descending on the lateral side of the thorax and enabling the unsightly bulge under the bra to be removed.

In conclusion:

As the results show, this is a truly spectacular plastic surgery procedure.

The results:

Case No. 1:

Major weight loss but with excess skin and fat located on the arms. Plastic surgery on the arms with removal of 1.2 kg from each arm.


Case No. 2

Weight loss of 70 kg. Plastic surgery on the arms with removal of a substantial amount of skin.


Case No. 3

Weight-loss of 100 kg. Plastic surgery on the arms with removal of 1.3 kg from each arm. Note the good results on the elbow.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

This new arm surgery procedure that I devised is particularly appropriate as it does not cause any complications, even in difficult cases.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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