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In cosmetic cases, it is a very simple operation with a scar located in the armpit or a short scar on the inside of the arm. What is more, as the skin is very fine, the scar will quickly become very discreet, enabling you to wear all types of sleeveless clothing.


The skin of the arms is easily damaged as it is very fine, especially on the inner side.


Brachioplasty can be dangerous if the surgeon performs the arm lift in the “old way” as the vessels on the inside of the arm (where the operation takes place) are fragile.
I therefore devised a new arm operation that is perfectly safe. My technique was voted Best of Europe 2008 by the Société Européenne de Chirurgie Plastique (European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery).

In plastic surgery cases, the arm lift leaves a relatively fine scar that is well hidden on the inside of the arm.

In conclusion:

It is essential that the modern technique is used as all the older techniques are dangerous.

The results:

Case No. 1

Very aesthetic arm lift with a good-quality scar.


Case No. 2

Brachioplasty for wrinkled arms: removing skin resolves the problem


Case No. 3

Arm lift with a short scar stopping halfway down the arm

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

Arm surgery with the scar in the armpit does not work. The skin of your arm is like a sleeve that is too wide: it must be narrowed, not shortened.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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