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This is the most frequently performed plastic surgery operation in the world. It is also one of the technical revolutions in modern surgery, created in France and performed around the world. Modern liposuction is more effective and produces better results. The major attribute of this procedure is that it is the only method for removing fat cells. The sculpted areas will no longer change over time even if weight is regained.

Calf liposuction

Calf liposuction effectively treats large legs and ankles which lack definition. It is now performed very frequently and gives good long-term results.

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Body liposuction

With some exceptions, the human body tends to store fat for its survival. It is a legacy of the thousands of years during which food was difficult to obtain, especially in winter.

Liposuction was the revolution of the 1980s. Even some plastic surgeons did not believe in it at first, it was so spectacular. Before liposuction, all body remodelling translated into major aesthetic operations with visible scars.


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