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Calf liposuction effectively treats large legs and ankles which lack definition. It is now performed very frequently and gives good long-term results.

I also perform liposuction on the lower legs and ankles. Not all plastic surgeons agree to do it as it is a rather long and painstaking surgical procedure.

If you do not wear skirts because you have a complex or if you struggle finding boots to fit, there is a very effective solution: liposuction using fine cannulas.

The technique is rather tricky as the fat is very compact and it must be removed with care.

The operative sequelae (discomfort and swelling) last much longer than in any other part of the body.

Ultimately the result is always “awesome” and the aspirated fat cells are destroyed for life.

Case in which I removed 0.6 litres of fat on each side. The patient’s dream was to wear a dress, which she can now do without having a complex.



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