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The pubis is an area that is often forgotten by plastic surgery. Often, patients do not dare to talk about it to their surgeon.
However, the pubis can be significantly deformed by weight loss, obesity or ageing.

Ideal anatomy:

It is essential to respect the dimensions and shape of the ideal pubis. It is a small equilateral triangle (7 cm per side) with a flat upper border.


There are many deformations of the pubis. There may be excess fat and skin.


- Liposuction is very effective on volume and may be sufficient.
- But most often, the problem comes from excess skin.
The only effective way is to remove the skin and fat at the same time, creating a relatively discreet scar in the centre or on each side of the pubis. This is the pubic lift.

In conclusion:

It is a very effective plastic surgery procedure which can restore a normal pubis.

The results:

Case No. 1

Pubis deformed by pregnancies. Pubic lift with lateral scars

Case No. 2

Pubis deformed by weight loss. Pubic lift with lateral scars

Case No. 3

Pubis deformed by obesity. Pubic lift with central scar and liposuction

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

Some surgeons create very variable shapes (round or conical pubis, too large or too small, etc.) which do not exist naturally!!!

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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