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The roll under the buttock can be very embarrassing as it is often visible in tight-fitting trousers.


The roll under the buttock is also called a “banana” because of its shape. The circumstances in which the banana appears are diverse: ageing, weight loss or after liposuction.
It is formed of excess fat and skin.


Performing liposuction on the roll is tricky, as reducing the volume can create even more excess skin, making the roll even more visible.
Most often, the problem is caused by excess skin.
The only effective way is to remove skin and fat at the same time, creating a relatively discreet scar in the fold under the buttock.

In conclusion:

It is a very effective plastic surgery procedure but it leaves a scar in the crease under the buttock

The results:

Roll under the buttock after liposuction. This example perfectly illustrates the effectiveness of this plastic surgery and the discreet nature of the scar.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

The roll under the buttock most often appears after significant body contouring liposuction in patients whose skin is not very elastic. By removing a significant volume, the liposuction causes all body tissues to descend and compresses the area under the buttock.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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