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The term gynaecomastia is used to refer to men presenting with breast tissue. Gynaecomastia is problematic as it gives the male thorax a feminine appearance.

It should have a slightly rounded appearance, due to the pectoralis major muscles, but without real volume.

The other plastic surgery problem is the size of the areola which is often enlarged by gynaecomastia. The ideal areola should be 25 mm in diameter. If it is larger, this further increases the feminine appearance of the thorax.



Gynaecomastia may require breast surgery in several circumstances:

- gynaecomastia in mature men. The “acquisition of breasts” is common after fifty years of age and accompanies a small weight gain. Finding clothes is particularly difficult but men should not hesitate to consult a doctor as the treatment is easy and spectacular.
- gynaecomastia in adolescence causes psychological identity issues.



To reduce gynaecomastia, several breast surgery techniques are adapted to each case. Most often the scar is invisible as I use liposuction.

If there is glandular tissue, it can be removed through a small aesthetic surgical scar placed under the areola.

It is only when there is a lot of excess skin that the scar is a little larger. This becomes reconstructive plastic surgery. It will be discreet if it is located in the groove under the pectoralis major muscle.

In conclusion:

It is true that men are not usually associated with chest or breast surgery. However, it is a frequently performed plastic surgery procedure.

The results:

Case No. 1

Gynaecomastia, in a young man with a lot of glandular tissue and enlargement of the areola. Treatment with liposuction + mini-scar under the areola to remove the glandular tissue.


Case No. 2

Gynaecomastia in a mature man. Feminisation of the thorax. Treatment by liposuction and removal of glandular tissue. Note the spontaneous reduction in the size of the areola after treatment.


Case No. 3

Gynaecomastia after major weight loss in the context of reconstructive surgery after gastric sleeve and bypass surgery. Removal of skin and fat. The procedure mimics the contours produced by the pectoralis major muscle. The scar is positioned below the muscular elevation.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

I perform numerous gynaecomastia operations every year as this disorder is very unsightly.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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