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October 20th, 2013

Thesis on the upper body lift


For the second time, I am supervising a thesis in the faculty in Nancy. I am very proud of this, as it formalises my innovations and the new topics on which I am working intensively.

In practice, a subject is chosen if it represents a real contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

I am also proud of my colleagues, faculty professors, who do not hesitate to open themselves up to surgeons in the private sector like me, from Lyon and Geneva. I am also proud that a young man such as Dr Arnaud Petit chose me to propose a subject to him and to direct his thesis.

It is a very official and moving moment when a student obtains the qualification of medical doctor. From this moment, he or she can practice medicine.

The subject was the upper body lift. It is a procedure that I brought back into fashion as there was a great need both in surgery after weight loss and in plastic surgery.

Download the thesis