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April 5th, 2013

Congress in the Maldives


This was a meeting of the Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique (French Society for Plastic Surgery), around 30 surgeons were present. I spoke for the first time about the upper body lift in the presence of our 2013 president: Professor Darsonval.  I perform this body lift operation in Lyon and Geneva.

The original idea was to deal with the large folds on the back caused by significant weight loss after gastric band or bypass surgery which cannot be treated solely by liposuction.

The purpose of this work is to establish rules for the operation, to specify the possibilities and indications, to standardise the preoperative marking, to avoid technical traps and complications, etc.

But very quickly, the indications expanded to include plastic surgery cases, for example, tango dancers who want to wear very tight clothing to dance.

The operation can also be combined with a buttock lift, a thigh lift and abdominoplasty. This work will be continued in a doctoral thesis defended in the faculty in Nancy in October 2013.

An example of the treatment of back folds