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September 22nd, 2013

Congress in São Paulo

This congress was organised by two Brazilian surgeons who are very well known in the global community of plastic surgeons. It was the first congress to specialise solely in the posterior part of the body contour, particularly the back and the buttocks.

The organisers invited me to speak about the procedures in which I have innovative techniques: back lifts, buttock lifts and thigh lifts.

I showed that they could be combined with other operations after significant weight loss or in plastic surgery.

There were 500 surgeons from around the world, including specialists from the United States, Australia and South America. I was the only French surgeon and also the only representative from Lyon and Geneva. I gave 3 presentations on the upper body lift, the lower body lift, and combined procedures on the inner thighs and buttocks. I also talked in 2 groups about safety in plastic surgery

with the most renowned plastic surgeon in the world, the Brazilian Professor Pitanguy, and Dr Gonzalez, the leading buttock implant surgeon in the world.

I chaired a meeting during a session on buttock lifts and post-operative follow-up.