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October 11th, 2014

Course on body contouring surgery


Download the programme.

Purpose of the course

The purpose of all my courses is to communicate my knowledge on:

  • The indications which may be numerous both for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. In fact, this surgery is undergoing major expansion because of all the problems associated with obesity. There are new indications and new operations.
  • The surgical techniques. What really interests me is going into the most precise details of the techniques. Everything that I explain can be applied by the surgeons when they return home.


Why organise a course

I began organising body contouring surgery courses again for several reasons:

  • Many colleagues, their appetites whetted by the short training courses that I run through the year, often asked me if I was organising a long course.
  • I need time to explain the details of this surgery and the presentations given at congresses are only summaries.
  • I have very many requests for visitors during procedures which I cannot meet, so I chose to make films and create a course.


The proceedings of the day

Everything went smoothly. 80 surgeons were enrolled.Despite a full day of presentations, the programme is dense as there are new techniques accompanied by 3 new films.
It is a course centred predominantly on body lifts. There has been substantial diversification of this operation since there are now 4 different body lifts:

  • lower body lift, low version;
  • lower body lift, high version;
  • upper body lift (thesis supervisor in 2013), the essentials;
  • lateral body lift: this is a new, very useful operation that I have developed over the last 3 years (30 cases).

Body lifts accounted for two-thirds of the day. Abdominoplasty has also evolved considerably with the new high superior tension technique. Thigh and arm lifts are not to be outdone as regards progress.

In conclusion, many new developments in indications and techniques.

The input of Claude Le Louarn is important in the more cosmetic indications.

The presentation by the anaesthetist was very interesting as the feasibility of these operations is conditional on this partner’s involvement. Dr Mezzour was fascinating and his presentation prompted many questions.


The next course

As many surgeons were not able to enrol on this course, I am organising a new course on 6 and 7 February 2015. But this time, I will create a course that is a little longer, one and a half days, as I can explain some technical points in more detail. In addition, there will be new films and innovations.