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As with for the face, fat is your greatest asset for restoring volume: it acts as an auto-prosthesis. I mainly augment the breasts and buttocks. However, fat grafts can be performed to correct all other sunken areas such as those caused by bra straps, hollows subsequent to liposuction, depressed scars, malformations of the thorax (hollow between the breasts), etc.


Augmentation of the breasts by lipofilling (or lipomodelling) is an ideal breast surgery procedure for patients who do not like the idea of having a foreign body in their breasts.

The main problem is the need for excess fat to perform the graft. Therefore, this technique is not possible in thin women.

Today, the optimal approach is to combine lipomodelling with implants as fat grafts produce the most natural result by camouflaging the implant.


This plastic surgery is a painstaking task as the fat is grafted in interwoven, spaghetti-like strips so that each cell is nourished and stays alive. The fat graft takes at a rate of 60%. The 40% which is eliminated is offset by inserting a little more.

In conclusion:

This is a technique that has become reliable and which I perform every day. It must however be noted that the augmentation of the breasts will be limited: the maximum increase is of just one to two cup sizes at once.

The results:

Case No. 1

The patient wanted moderate breast surgery. Good size augmentation: transition from A cup to B+ cup


Case No. 2

Superb result of lipomodelling breast surgery. Increase of two sizes: transition from B cup to D cup

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

Lipomodelling is perfect for treating breast asymmetry. It is the best breast surgery technique for producing two identical breasts when only one has undergone surgery. Insertion of a prosthesis will produce a breast with a very different shape.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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