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The term body lift signifies an aesthetic surgery procedure which removes a strip of skin from around the entire body. The scar is circular and placed at waist level and is therefore easy to hide.

In short, it combines a buttock lift with abdominoplasty. But the body lift actually tightens many more areas. In addition to the buttocks and the stomach, it treats the sides, the waist, the pubis and the front of the thighs. The result is always very spectacular.


Initially, this operation tended to be reserved for reconstructive surgery after gastric sleeve or bypass operations.


The procedure incorporates 2 positions and lasts around 4 hours. The patient is therefore a little fatigued and should plan on resting for at least 2 weeks.

Healing is most often straightforward and can be slowed in certain places such as the intergluteal cleft.


Combination of operations (body lift)

The lower body lift can be combined with many other procedures: medial thigh lift, infragluteal lift, lipomodelling, etc…

In conclusion

The buttock lift is an operation that I love to perform as it gives me and my patients great satisfaction. Initially reserved for cases of significant weight loss, it has become, thanks to expertise gained over 25 years, an essential technique in cosmetic surgery cases.

The results:

Case 1:

Young 26-year-old woman who lost a significant amount of weight. From the front, the result is very spectacular. The medial thighs were treated at the same time. Note the improvement in the pubis. From the back, the result of the buttock lift is impressive.


Case 2:

Wrinkled, slack buttocks. This cosmetic surgery has completely smoothed out the buttocks and remodelled the body contour. Even the folds of the back are tightened.


Case 3:

Minor weight loss. The body lift has removed all the bulges even when sitting.



Example of a scar

Photograph taken 1 year after the operation.

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Dr Pascal’s Message

Over the years I have become the world leader for this operation as I have more than 1,000 cases to my credit (largest case series in the world). I teach this technique everywhere in the world and I was a faculty thesis supervisor in 2010.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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