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In 1/3 of cases, the usual body lift is not sufficiently effective as it only treats the skin on the lateral surface of the thighs in a lengthwise direction (like taking up trousers).


I perform this body lift when there is an excess width of skin that is when the trousers are also too wide.


Then I remove an elliptical area of skin centred on the lateral surface of the thigh. This plastic surgery leaves a vertical scar that is barely visible. Moreover, a lot of experience is required to perform this operation successfully.

In conclusion:

The lower and lateral body lifts are most often performed at the same time as the two operations are complementary. The first removes excess length and the other excess width.

The results:

Case No. 1

Wide body profile in a young 35-year-old woman. Treated by a lateral body lift. Very spectacular result on the buttocks also.


Case No. 2

I removed 15 kg and the patient dropped 4 sizes. The lateral scar is discreet.


Case No. 3

Lateral fat mass resistant to all diets even when carried out in hospital. The body lift was very effective with the patient dropping 6 sizes.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

This breast operation is not at all frivolous, indeed quite the reverse. A person who has a breast augmentation rediscovers a good self-image and will be much more secure and happy in everyday life. This is why it is very important for a woman to have her breasts remade.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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