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This is one of the plastic surgery operations that I perform most often. The word abdominoplasty in fact covers several different operations whose final aim is to produce a flat stomach.


The demand for abdominal surgery is very high following pregnancy and obesity.


Three structures can be damaged, resulting in an unsightly abdominal area:
- The muscles can be slack. This abdominal surgery will tighten them.
- There may be excess fat. In which case I use liposuction.
- Finally, the skin can be slack. Meaning it needs to be tightened. This is the stomach lift

Combination of operations:

This technique can be combined with many other plastic surgery procedures such as buttock lifts, thigh lifts or breast surgery.

In conclusion:

Abdominoplasty is a little disabling, requiring 2 to 3 weeks off work.

The results:

Case No. 1

This is a very common case of surgery on the stomach following pregnancy. The three components were repaired. The stretch marks are drawn downwards. The scar is located in a low position, enabling it to be hidden under underwear.


Case No. 2

Abdominal surgery after significant weight loss. I also reduced the width of the body with liposuction, which further accentuates the result.


Case No. 3

Here, muscle repair is key to the result. A front view shows that the abdominoplasty has defined the waist in a spectacular manner.

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Dr Pascal’s Message:

With my friend Dr Le Louarn from Paris, I devised a technique which is now recognised and used by all other surgeons in the world.
In summary, this technique enables the bulge under the breasts to be drawn down more firmly and banishes complications. This operation’s poor reputation is no longer justified.

Dr. Jean-François Pascal

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